Ando 2.0 update

February 28, 2020

Designed 9 years ago, Ando is one of the first type families I decided to publish. It's also one of my favorite design, despite some weird features and rookie mistakes. Time for a little update.

What's new ?

New styles

The most obvious change is the addition of two new styles, Black and Inline, in addition to the five original styles. Those two will make awesome posters fonts.

Font proportions and metrics

This new version is a bit wider than the original (5% more maybe) with slightly more tracking. This little change is to ensure all the weights interpolate nicely - it also makes the family slightly more legible and usable in small sizes.

Redrawn glyphs

Another notable change is the redesign of letters y and g. In the original release, those letters had different shapes depending on the style : an open loop in lighter styles, a closed loop in bold. It was a bit weird, I know. Now, y and g have an open shape by default, and you can switch to a closed loop by turning on stylistic set 1 or stylistic alternates.

New glyphs

This update brings new characters to play with : new ligatures, more currencies and mathematical symbols.
Many other glyphs have been redrawn, and spacing and kerning have been improved.

How to get it

If you purchased your license before the update, you can still download the latest version for free. Just navigate to your list of fonts on your Myfonts’ account, and you will find a link to download the latest version.

How to install

First, if you are happy with the previous version or if you are using it often then consider saving yourself some trouble and keep using it. That's perfectly fine.

Both versions cannot be installed at the same time, so if you want to use the latest version, you need to uninstall your old files first. I recommend you close all your design applications before uninstalling. Then install the new fonts as usual.

Please note that you will probably have to run "Find Fonts" the first time you open a document that include texts set in the previous version of Ando.